Welcome to Improve Earth Inc

Improve Earth Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 public charity that strengthens communities through education, appreciation, and support for wildlife in ways that promote social cohesiveness and improve general well-being.

Our Initiatives:

Welcome Wild

Nature Convenience Services

Bird feeder installation and maintenance, pollinator gardens, and habitat certifications. Welcome Wild provides turnkey installation and upkeep for Austin residents that want to enjoy birds and other wildlife from the comfort of their homes.


Blue Boat Earth

Experience Based Education

Providing place-based educational resources for young and old. Taking a trip? Why not incorporate an educational stop to your itinerary? Or learn about what you will see ahead of time? Blue Boat Earth makes travel more fulfilling and education more interesting, providing travel supportĀ before, during, and after a trip for traveling abroad or right here in Austin. Blue Boat Earth specializes in setting up private tours with scientists and research facilities through our network of scientists.


Terra Delta Homes

Home improvement for value, comfort, and the environment

Energy audits with energy modeling to calculate the priority improvements in a home to minimize costs of ownership, reduce cooling bills, and lower your carbon footprint.



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